Climate Change

Ongoing climate change is posing increasingly greater challenges. Along with its clients Tractebel is facing up to these challenges. We provide assistance by producing an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions from industrial and local area developments, and advising on how to reduce them. Renewable energy, efficient mobility and energy efficiency buildings are key elements in achieving this. We devise and design solutions and calculate their impact.

Tractebel can help achieve the Kyoto targets. We have experience in supporting projects as part of the Clean Development Mechanism. We identify opportunities, focus on costs and benefits and help you to obtain certification for these projects.

Tractebel helps identify the consequences of climate change and mitigate them. We use models to estimate the impact of climate change on the risk of flooding, for instance. We develop solutions enabling us to cope with climate change: sustainable towns, sustainable water management, management of green spaces and biodiversity. We develop infrastructures with climate resilience in mind.

Tractebel helps authorities at every level to develop policies aimed at helping contain climate change. We support an approach based on adaptability, from developing visions to devising detailed measures and strategies.   


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