To organise sustainable mobility a number of disciplines are called upon.. The areas of activity of our traffic management experts include town-planning, policy-making, traffic technology and traffic management design, multimodal transport models and operational micro-models. It involves an intensive process of interactions.

Tractebel’s  experts are used to dealing with these various transport planning and policy-related aspects. Their insights, together with basic traffic management and technical conditions, allows Tractebel to offer the best mobility advice, tailored to the requirements of every customer, whether public authorities or private contracting authorities.

Here are some examples of the areas for which we gave mobility advice :

  • Mobility management
  • Accessibility analyses
  • Mobility impact studies (EIA and Mobility Impact Assessments)
  • Design of public transport systems and networks
  • Urban and regional multimodal mobility plans
  • Conceptual design for logistical systems
  • Parking studies and static or dynamic parking signs
  • Signal and signpost plans
  • Targets and facility designs
  • Road and junction designs
  • Design for public transport nodes and multimodal transfer points
  • Impact management and better traffic flow
  • Urban, provincial and regional traffic models
  • Optimisation models for public transport systems
  • Impact forecast for spatial scenarios
  • Developing public transport nodes and junctions
  • Optimising urban networks


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References Mobility

Mobil 2040

MOBIL 2040     In 2001, Bruxelles Mobilité assigned the consortium made up of Tractebel (Tractebel Engineering) and Espaces-Mobilités the task of performing an ambitious prospective and multidisciplinary study into the theme of...

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Mobility policy in Ghent (Belgium)

It was in the late 1990s when Tractebel drafted the first mobility plan for the city of Ghent. The key principles set out in it related to public transport, parking...

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CIVITAS ELAN belongs to the third generation of CIVITAS projects, called CIVITAS +. Various consortia have been formed within CIVITAS +. Each consortium comprises a group of cities which are...

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Electrabel company travel plan

When moving to its new offices Electrabel GDF Suez seized the opportunity to launch a more sustainable travel policy for its employees. In actually fact, the new site is right...

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Mobility impact study guidelines

As a result of the Decree adopted by the Flanders Government on 3 July 2009, it is now compulsory in Flanders, in the case of plans or projects with a...

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Assessing passenger potential and interm…

GEN (Brussels Regional Express Network) services will be running around Brussels, thereby significantly improving public transport between the capital and its suburbs.

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Public transport plans at regional and u…

Tractebel devised the “Outlook 2025” plan for Ghent and the “STIMULI” plan for Limburg, based on the well-known “Pegasus” plan for East Flanders and the “SPARTACUS” plan for Limburg.

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Classification of the secondary roads N2…

Limburg’s secondary roads have been selected in the Limburg Provincial master development and planning scheme.

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Brussels Mobility 2040

The ever-rising population of the Brussels Capital Region calls for more efficient accessibility and more sustainable mobility. This is the problem that the “Mobil40” project is aiming to resolve.

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Illuminated signalling management system…

As part of a two-year assignment for the city of Brussels, with Tractebel/TRITEL being responsible for assisting the city in managing and improving the illuminated signalling across its territory, a...

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Preliminary study into turning Brussels’…

The STIB requested Tractebel to carry out a study to look at the technical and financial feasibility of turning the current 71 bus route in Brussels into a tram route.

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Car-free city centre in Mechelen (Belgiu…

Tractebel supported the project and devised various traffic concepts based on a loop system which safeguards accessibility to the various parts of the city and city centre car parks. Route...

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Future plans for De Lijn

Tractebel devised, in collaboration with Goudappel Coffeng and MINT, the mobility vision of the transport company De Lijn for the year 2020. The aim of this study was to revamp...

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